All over the world, Hotels face the same issue. Worn-out, nasty furniture that ruins the guest experience.

Stop Replacing. Start Recovering.

To your guests, furniture is just part of the scenery. To your property brand, it’s a disposable part of your décor. But to you, it’s a huge investment. Transformations lets you stop replacing—and start recovering. Our unique reCOVER technology lets you change your upholstery the way you refresh your linens.

Transformations Hospitality
is changing all that.

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Don't replace your furniture. Recover it.

Upholstery outdated or worn?

Renew the cover in minutes, no tools required.

Want legs in a new wood finish?
It’s easy to replace a single part.

Changing your décor or color scheme?
Choose from hundreds of new cover options.

Mandatory refresh?

Pick a new fabric and we’ll make the cover.

Sleeper folded incorrectly? 

You can replace the mechanism in 10 minutes.

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Transformations Riley Chair
Transformations Kendrik Chair

Many Designs, and Thousands of Fabrics 

available to match any environment.

What Our Clients Are Saying...

“ This is a revolutionary product for the hospitality environment. In this industry, our shelf life for each room expires in 24 hours. We need to be able to rent a room—and if we have a damaged sofa or lounge chair, we need something that we can quickly repair or replace. This product allows me the flexibility to replace a damaged arm or cushion quickly and economically efficiently. It minimizes our downtimes. Investing in Transformations is simply smart business."

Phil Milbourne, Coastal Hospitality Associates

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Most furniture spends a short time in your facility before spending a lifetime in a landfill. Transformations Furniture is different. Our truly renewable covers and parts keep furniture fresh, functional and out of landfills for decades.

The most sustainable products are those that last the longest.

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